Chinese Water Stone 12000 Grit, Medium

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Shaving Style

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This stone is very hard and has slow cutting properties. Recommended to use for a final edge polishing on straight razors, knives, carving tools, chisels and any tools that require sharp blade edge. One side lapped and ready to use.
Chinese natural 12000 / (12K) Grit water stone can be used with a slurry block (purchased separately) for a pre-final edge polishing and create approximately 8k-10k slurry.
The stones are cut by hand and dimensions may vary slightly.
For additional information regarding the stones please review our Wet Shavers Info.

Grit Size: 12000 / (12k)
Weight: 0.75g
Stone Size: 150mm x 47mm x 35mm

Quarried in the Guangxi province of China.


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Manufacturer Shaving Style

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