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Speick Deo Stick, Natural
- Speick Natural Deo Stick protects with its effective, active deodorant principle. - Selected plant matter and sage from biologically regulated cultivation provide natural care.- All Speick products contain the harmonising high-alpine Speick extract from biologically regulated wild harvesting.- The...
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Speick Men Active Shaving Cream (Natural)
- Certified Natural Cosmetics, BDIH- Naturally creamy foam – For a gentle shave - Relaxes the skin for a closer shave. - Made of real soap with soothing, organic reed extract and additional plant-based ingredients, this shaving cream lathers wonderfully,...
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Speick Men Active Shaving Soap
- Creamy foam for a gentle shave.- Relaxes the skin, enabling the perfect, classic wet shave. - The creamy foam is gentle on the skin.- The fine fragrance is composed of pure essential oils, which provide a natural way topamper...
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Speick Men After Shave Balm Sensitive
- Rich aftershave balm for refreshing, nourishing skin care after shaving.- Witch-hazel extract, bisabolol (the active ingredient in camomile) and marigold extract from biologically regulated cultivation soothe sensitive skin and help prevent irritation.- Enriched with moisturizing Aloe Vera gel from...
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Speick Men Deo Stick
- Natural deodorant protection for men.- With effective organic ingredients for the active man. - Organic sage provides long-lasting protection and lavender oil has a calming effect.- Cares for sensitive skin.- Every Speick product contains the harmonising extract of the...
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Speick Men Intensive Cream
- Revitalising skin care.- Regenerative skin care with organic shea butter.- Organic aloe vera gel re-hydrates the skin and organic rosemary extract provides protection against damaging environmental influences.- Provides maximum hydration. Essential oils give the moisturising cream its natural, invigorating...
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Speick Men Shaving Cream
- A classic, natural shaving cream that pampers your skin with smoothing, plant-based ingredients and essential oils. - Premium lavender oil has a relaxing effect.- Speick Men shaving cream contains real beeswax and has a spicy fragrance for an indulgent...
$9.00 CAD
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