Excellence 11/16" Vintage Straight Razor

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Shaving Style

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MANUFACTURER: Von Den Steinen Bros
MODEL: Excellence
BLADE SIZE: 11/16”
CONDITION: Used/Vintage
USE: For collection purposes.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The razor is sold “As Is” (as shown on the pictures).
Comes with one razor pin, one back collar washer, and two brass spacers.

- We DO NOT accept returns for vintage straight razors and vintage straight razor blades.
- Straight razors and straight razor blades that are featured in “Vintage Razors” and “Vintage Blades” categories of the website are sold in “As Is” condition.
- Straight razors and straight razor blades sold under “Used/Vintage” condition are NOT new, and are NOT meant or ready for use.  Rather they are sold for personal collection purposes only.
- Vintage straight razors and blades may have visible rust, pitting, nicks, or cracks.
- Scales are made of various materials; with age may have developed cracks or show signs of cracks. Some scales are broken.

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Manufacturer Shaving Style

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