MERKUR Double Edge Razor Blades


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- Fits all double-edge razors.
- Stainless, platinum plated edges.
- 10 blades with plastic dispenser.

Manufactured by Merkur/Germany

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UPC/EAN 065946999559
Manufacturer Merkur

Customer Reviews

Review by Silent Shade
Glad I could find Merkur Blades at a reasonable price in Canada. I really missed my German steel. I took a handle and brush out of retirement and remembered how much better this is than the multibladed disposable monstrosities marketed towards women with a pretty pink logo and tag line. These blades cost less than Venus refills and stay sharper longer.

So I'm using a razor designed and marketed for the male consumer. I don't care. The bottom line is it works and one blade is all you need. No several passes or pull over the same area resulting in less time shaving and no bumps. It's a far more comfortable shave and my leggy bits haven't been smoother.

And it's eco-friendly if that's a factor in your purchasing choices. (Posted on 14-06-06)

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