Razorpit Slide Razor Blade Sharpener, Black Color

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Razorpit is built on the same technology as the barber strop used by professional barbers for decades. The barber strop removes the organic material that makes razor knife feel dull. The new Razorpit technology works with all razor blades, even cartridge, disposable, and DE blades.
- Up to 150 shaves with one razor blades.
- Works with all razor blades.
- Save up to 90% on razor blades.

1. To sharp/clean, lubricate the flat area on the Razorpit with liquid soap or shaving cream.
2. Press down firmly and push the razor forward along the surface (opposite to the normal direction you shave) four to five times.
3. Rinse both the razor blade and Razorpit under warm water.

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