Timor Safety Razor Blades, Stainless Steel, Teflon Coated

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- Timor blades are made of superior quality stainless steel with Teflon-coating for a smooth shave and prolonged use.
- Fit most conventional double edge razors/safety razors.
- One blade lasts for about 7-10 shavings, depends on the strength of your beard and methods of skin preparation.
- Recommended use with a quality pre-shave oil and natural shaving soap or cream.
- Single packed in waxed paper.
- 10 blades in a safety-dispenser. Just push them out of the dispenser - no touch of the blade necessary.
- A long-lasting shaving-blade to serve your shaving needs

Manufactured by TIMOR/Solingen, Germany

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SKU 902-10
Manufacturer Timor

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